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About the Founder

Committed to the enlightenment of others, Humanitarian, Jen Alvarez, who is also known as Jen The Rainmaker, currently serves as a Native Life Guide and Dream Guide, Traditional Native Wisdom Carrier, and Medicine Carrier. Alongside these roles, she is a member of the Personal Finance Speakers Association and is an Ambassador for Native and Indigenous Communities at WEE Global Live. Prior to these roles, however, she once served as a Corporate Proficiency Coach and Trainer, the Co-Host of The Vibrant Living Network on OM Times Radio, and was the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Brentwood, California. Although she found success in these roles, Jen's true calling came from the inspiration found in the history of her native Chichimeca and Toltec ancestors.


Today, using her Nahuatl name, Xochiquetzalli (pronounced SHO-CHEE-KET-SALL-E)meaning, “the blossoming one,” Jen embraces her  ancestor's secret codexes, ceremonies, dances, dreaming, healing, and manifestation practices, as she dedicates her life to the guiding others by teaching them how to reprogram their subconscius through their dreams. It is believed that during our sleep state, we have the ability to unlock our dream lives which can, in turn, positively alter our awake lives and create our reality. As a Dream Guide, Native Life Guide and the founder of the online school, DreamYOU University, she serves as a key to unlocking dreams by utilizing ancient dream planting and other secret practices passed down throughout the ages of her Chichimeca and Toltec ancestors.


Following these ways, which were first created for warriors and leaders, she combines specific steps involving practices of manifestation and healing with recent brain science, quantum physics, and spirituality. In doing so, Jen is able to help her clients realize their greatest desires by programming their minds before falling asleep so that their dreams are focused on their goals, Giving them the tools needed to succeed. Gratefully, she has been able to help a multitude of clients in achieving professional growth, personal growth, freedom from stress, anxiety, fear, improved sleep quality, meaningful relationships, and even healing from physical ailments. Never ceasing in her ability to help others, it is Jen's hope that she will transform trillions of lives while fulfilling the prophecy of her ancestors, leaving a lasting legacy, that will impact future generations just as they have done.

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