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What our students are saying

"Awesome course! Fabulous Teacher = Miraculous results. 100% satisfaction!" – Banita N.

"DreamYOU University is the missing piece you need to pull all your dreams together. Nothing less than pure magic." – Angie E.

"DreamYOU University has enriched my life on so many levels. I will just say that I have NEVER been number 4 in my company and we now have over 300 agents. It's magical working with Jen The Rainmaker." – Hope L.

"I have participated in a class on Manifesting in our Dream World that has blown me away.The clarity that I have received for my business and the manifestations are remarkable. The dedication of our teacher, The Rainmaker is above any that I have experienced in an online class. She is sensitive and intuitive to your needs and genuinely cares about your receiving what you need as a person. That speaks volumes to her character because the information is so new and deep.  She makes sure she connects with u so that you get the understanding you need. I highly recommend that you take that journey with DreamYOU University, it will change your life for the better." – Hope L.

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