Are you destined to walk the Dream Warrior Path?



DreamYOU University Calmecac planted a dream to help our current generation and future generations heal from the harmful effects of the suppression of these once hidden teachings. It was said these teachings would be needed during this time to help heal the collective. 


If you would like to be part of the blossoming of this dream please donate to the expansion, growth, and our sacred work. With this donation we will be: 

  • Documenting the written knowledge that was destroyed during colonization

  • Hiring other Native Indigenous Wisdom Keepers to teach 

  • Growing DreamYOUTH to teach kids how to plant dreams

  • Purchasing a minimum of 13 acres to teach online and in person events where we can also...

  • Grow sacred medicine

  • Plant dreams for the community

  • And so much more

Please focus your smart phone's camera on the QR Code below to donate to the dream. You may also use the Donation Button, but there are additional fees that will be taken out of the donation.

Donations are not currently eligible for a tax deduction.

If you are interested in contacting the Founder, Jen The Rainmaker for media, workshops, etc., please navigate to www.jentherainmaker.com

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