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In Super Lucid 101 we are going deeper into our shadows and that which has remained hidden. We are facing the parts of ourselves that we have very deep within in the comfort of our own sacred spaces.


We relive past events, recount painful memories, and detox from harmful conditioning so we can be free and so we can give these experiences to the Xayaca masks, so we no longer have to be burdened by them.


We grow stronger, and we innerstand the phrase, “the Nahual is very measured in his emotions because he has worked on them”.


We will lose ourselves, lose who we think we are, so we can continue to soar to our greatest destiny and command our Nahual to shape shift our Tonal into that which we truly desire. The ancient ones used to disappear their face in the water.


The Dream Warriors were considered to be masters, who had a deep understanding of the dream state and working knowledge of how our perceptions form our reality. They were also known for their capacity to influence matter.


In Super Lucid 101 you will learn the building blocks to influence matter.

Benefits of Super Lucid 101

  • Release repressed and scarred emotions

  • Shape-shift Nahual & Tonal to remain conscious in dreams and waking reality

  • Disassociate from pleasure and pain to experience freedom

  • Experience Super Lucid Dreams

  • Traverse from dream to dream

  • Extend your vital energy including your lifespan

  • Reclaim your power and so much more

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The Dream Warrior Tribal Council

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