Alumni Ambassador Program

DreamYOU University started as a dream seed that was planted in 2018. Since then, DreamYOU has blossomed into a sacred space for over 200 alumni.


We believe in Sacred Reciprocity – an Indigenous principle that respects mutual exchange of energy that creates right relationship with all life and the Universe. We also believe that one of the keys to creating a healthy and supportive community is in the hands of our alumni who have personally experienced the life changing qualities of our course materials.

What Is The Alumni Ambassador Program?

Earn up to $111 USD per referral who lists you as a referrer on their DreamYOU application.  You will get $111 USD if they pay their full tuition or 5% for referrals that receive a scholarship to attend a foundations course. The Alumni Ambassador Program is only available to referrals who apply after January 1, 2022. 

How Do I Get Paid?

Submit the form below with your PayPal email address. Any time your referral lists your name on their enrollment application, you will receive a payment of $111 USD if they paid their tuition in full. If they apply for and receive a partial scholarship, you will receive 5% of their tuition fees through PayPal. Payments will be sent within 30 days after we have received their full payment.

When Do I Expect The Payment?

You will receive your referral incentive within 30 days after the referral pays their tuition fees in full. The enrollment period for 2022 ends March 2022.

Why DreamYOU University?

What makes DreamYOU a unique option for higher education learning? Our Temachtiani and Tlatohuani protect thousands of years of indigenous wisdom, spiritual tools, ancient practices, and sacred strategies to enrich the lives of their Calpulli.

Who Should I Refer To DreamYOU University?

Students from around the world who are 18 years of age or older and have demonstrated exceptional interest in Afro-Indigenous Humanitarianism, metaphysical arts, herbalism, entrepreneurship, occultism, astrology, visual arts, professional sports, or audio and video production are all great candidates to refer to DreamYOU University. We seek students who will take our teachings and use them daily in a dedicated practice, commit themselves to enriching the Afro-Indigenous communities in their local areas, and who will be venerable lifelong members of our ancestral lineage of Dream Warriors.

What Should I Say?

Feel free to share your own experience while attending DreamYOU University. Please remember that no one is permitted to share the sacred teachings, practices, and tools except for the Temachtiani and Tlatohuani. Here are some additional ideas for your referrals:

  • Invite your referrals to one of our events that are open invitation for guests to attend.

    • Events that welcome guests from outside the Calmecac include a script to send to invitees.​

  • Invite your referrals to our public Telegram channel. They will need to download Telegram and setup their account before joining the public chat.

    • Here is an example of what you can say "Peace, I know that you have been trying to reach some amazing goals. DreamYOU University really helped me accomplish my personal and professional development goals, overcome fears, and live in correct alignment. Would you like an invitation to the DreamYOU University public Telegram?"

  • Invite your referrals to review our websites www.dreamyouuniversity.com and www.jentherainmaker.com.

    • Here is an example of what you can say "Peace, I truly think you can achieve some impossible goals at DreamYOU University. Would you be interested in taking a look at their website?"​

  • Invite your referrals to apply for our next enrollment period if they express interest in attending DreamYOU.

    • Here is an example of what you can say "Peace, you would be a great fit for DreamYOU University. DreamYOU is an Indigenous school that teaches their students how to manifest their reality through their dreams."​

What Should I Say If Someone Asks Me What DreamYOU University Is?

  • Here's an example of what you can say "DreamYOU University is a global higher education learning institution that focuses on manifesting dreams into reality by practicing Nahualism."

  • You may also say "DreamYOU University is a higher learning institution for people with dreams that seem impossible. The elders share thousands of years of sacred knowledge with modern tools and practices to manifest our greatest destiny."

Why Do You Need My Social Security Number?

  • We are required by law to send you a 1099 at the end of the year if you receive $600 USD or more through the Alumni Ambassador Program.

  • Your information is stored securely and will never be used to violate or exploit your privacy or identity.

  • Data entered into the form below forwards to a private inbox only accessible by the Temachtiani using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).