meeting the dream team

Step 3 of 3: Getting to know you & your dreams

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Choose Option A or Option B

A. How To Schedule A Call

To schedule a call, click on this link then select a date and time on the calendar to meet with a member of the Dream Team. If you do not see a date or time in the calendar, try a different month If you still do not see a date or time available, please email for support.

Once you schedule your call, you will be asked to answer this prompt with a member of The Dream Team during your call: Envision where you see yourself 9 months after completing Flourishing Foundations.

B. How To Submit A Recording

Watch video below. Record a video response that is no more than 4 minutes long. Email your video to with the name you used on your written application in the subject line.

DYU Acceptance Letter Kit [STEP 1] TBR (1).png