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DYU Acceptance Letter Kit [STEP 1] TBR (1).png

Cen Xelihui – The First Divide

We Value, Protect, and Defend Our Privacy & Energy


All of our Teachers [Temâchtīani] have committed their lives to protecting this wisdom from being appropriated, destroyed, erased, misrepresented, and used against our people and all of our relations. As a Dream Warrior, one of our most precious assets is our energy.


We are trained to use it wisely as well as be very discerning with whom we allow access to our energy. This is why before we continue we ask that you sign an agreement that you will not share any information revealed beyond what is shared on this page.

This includes but is not limited to our processes, pricing, practices, interview questions, materials, etc. Before you sign we do want you to be aware – we never discuss pricing over the phone so you will never experience someone attempting to pressure you into paying for or enrolling into the Calmecac.

We will encourage you to follow your own intuition to see if this path is the best path for you right now.

 protect our sacredness

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