The ancients said that one must command the Movement or be commanded by it.

The sacred count determines many different things for many different communities. As a Calendar Keeper, one has the tools to utilize the sacred count to heal themselves, their bloodlines, and their communities.

In this class you will learn how to command the energy of Tonatiuh (The Sun) with the Tonalpohualli (what is commonly referred to in the Western world as the Aztec calendar), how to dream plant with the glyphs and numerology of each day, and how to combine this powerful tool with your lunation practices following the energy of Metzili (The Moon).

You will also learn about the ceremonies that were taught and practiced during Nemontemi (Five Days of No Count) and you will receive an annual and monthly calendar to transition from the Gregorian calendar to the Tonalpohualli calendar.

As a Calendar Keeper, it is your sacred duty to protect and honor the Movement including the glyphs, numerology, and the Indigenous medicine behind the Tonalpohualli.

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