Student Pricing

1-on-1 with Jen The Rainmaker

Jen The Rainmaker strives to provide a life changing experience during her sessions. You will receive a questionnaire prior to your call so she can focus on giving you strategies and solutions.

Before The Session

Jen The Rainmaker will open up the meeting 15 minutes prior to your session to begin running grounding and running her energy so she can be fully present with you during your time together. You are welcome to join her.

Sessions take place over private video call that will be recorded. You will receive the recording 24-48 hours after the call. You do not need to have your camera on and Jen The Rainmaker does not typically have her camera on as her eyes will be closed for the duration of the call so she can use her inner sight to see what is in your space.

Jen The Rainmaker uses a blend of psychic vision, ancient Toltec Warrior Practices, dream interpretation techniques, Human Design, Inca Shamanic Training,  and many other spiritual tools to offer you specific guidance and strategies for your unique journey.


She spends time before sessions in meditation, prayer, and dreams for guidance. She also sets the intent to receive insight from your dreams and your ancestors.

Jen The Rainmaker will open sacred space for you and your ancestors to receive her undivided attention and focus.

During The Session

Jen The Rainmaker will begin with a prayer and start your session. This is your time and we suggest you get to the point when you are asked a question so you can 

All sessions are strictly confidential – Jen will never reveal your name or identity if your dreaming experience is used to teach her lineage of students. Jen provides a safe, sacred space in a circle of trust during sessions – allowing clients to express openly without judgement.

All clients must agree not to share details about sessions without documented permission from Jen The Rainmaker since each session includes her intellectual property.


Clients do have permission and are encouraged to share their experience and how they felt the transformation of their experience. Jen The Rainmaker is not actively on social media any longer but you can tag her page on IG with your testimonial and be entered into a drawing to win a free session with her. Drawings are done once a quarter. 

Please be respectful of the time limit as Jen The Rainmaker has an open heart and would love to spend hours in session but as a single mom running a business that is not feasible especially as a Projector who requires rest. 

After Care

Jen The Rainmaker will follow up with you via an email questionnaire to offer additional guidance if needed to nourish and grow your sacred dream seeds.

Before booking your session, please review our Code of Ethics.

Donation Based Appointments

Once a month, two donation based appointments will be available for students to purchase on a first come first serve basis. Click here to book a donation based appointment.