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An Indigenous Calmecac 

your dreams are creating your waking reality

One day in December many moons ago a blood descendant of the Ancient Dream Warriors was born creating a new YOUniverse called DreamYOUniverse, fulfilling a prophecy that was spoken of hundreds of years ago but was billions of years in the making. Her parents could not decide on a name so she was only given her fathers’ last name which meant Battle Sword. This little girl went on to name herself many different things throughout her life but she ultimately chose Xochiquetzalli (SO-CHI-KET-ZALL-LEE), The Flourishing One and yet she was still the unnameable one. In the dream realm she was also known as The Rainmaker. 


As she grew older the YOUniverse grew with her and when she was 40 the clouds sent her a clear message to create DreamYOU University to remind others that YOU are not separate from your Dreams and your Dreams are not separate from YOU.


Your dreams are creating YOU and it is YOU who will have to do the work to change them, to change your reality and to change the version of YOU that is no longer serving YOU so YOU can flourish and create your own YOUniverse.

"If you find yourself here it is said that "You were the chosen one in your family to heal your bloodline and reach your greatest destiny". However just because you were chosen does not mean that you are ready." The Dream Warrior Tribal Council

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The Dream Warrior Tribal Council


What is DreamYOU University?

DreamYOU University is a curated Dream Warrior global Calmecac pronounced (call-mec-ah-c) which exists within DreamYOUniverse.  A Calmecac according to oral tradition was a higher education learning institution reserved for leaders, warriors, and people of power.


DreamYOU University Calmecac teaches students the ancient Dream Warrior practices so they can create quantum shifts in their lives quickly while remaining in a state of neutrality and amusement. This reality is filled with opportunities for growth and sometimes growth can  be painful. It is for this reason we choose to focus on tools that can help us create more ease and harmony. These teachings have been preserved for thousands of years passed down parent to child, teacher to student. These teachings fall under a large body of knowledge known as The Art of I, The Unlimited One. 

Our Process

In order to be considered as a student you must fill out an application and schedule a zoom phone interview that will be reviewed by our Dream Warrior Tribal Council. They will make the final decision to determine if they feel you are ready. If you are accepted you will be sent an email with all pertinent information to decide if this is the next best step on your journey. Our primary language is energy which is why we don't believe in selling our services. You either feel drawn to them energetically or you don't. 

Our Founder

Xochiquetzalli is one of the last living blood descendants of the Ancient Dream Warriors that teaches the practices of her ancestors that were passed down in secrecy for thousands of years. These practices were originally only taught to Warriors and people of power in closed door temple style settings. In order to survive colonization there was a decree to pass them down parent to child, teacher to student in secrecy until 2012. It was said that these practices would be needed during this time to help the world. Xochiquetzalli not only teaches the Dream Warrior practices of her ancestors but was told she would do something far greater with them by Elders in her community. Xochiquetzalli also weaves in her rich African ancestry and their dream practices. She has created a unique proprietary methodology unlike anything else in the world to help others break free from the harmful programming of their subconscious and reach their greatest destiny.  

Our Students

When Xochiquetzalli began to teach, a student named George the G.O.A.T. began his Dream Warrior Training and went on to become an Eagle Warrior. The Eagle Warriors are known for their ability to see 360 degrees in the Dream Realm and in their Waking Reality. They have the ability to pause the dream, pause time, pause their waking reality and take it all in. One day while George the G.O.A.T. was speaking to Xochiquetzalli he told her about something he saw in the Waking Realm. He said "Xochiquetzalli, what you do at DreamYOU University is create paradigm shifts for your students and teach them the hidden meaning of dreams. When most people talk about their dreams they are referring to goals, however it is through your actual dreams that you reach your goals and even then you go way beyond goals and help students break generational curses, reprogram their subconscious, have lives that are meaningful, and so much more. These practices are timeless and continue to grow in value over the years."

Feel free to see what some of our other students are saying about DreamYOU University.

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